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4 Ideas to Motivate you in Preparation for the Day of Giving

In a few days, the Day of Giving will be upon us. While a number of people are still skeptical about the day, it has received massive acclamation. This is expected to see a rise in donors as the day commemorates its 5th anniversary. There is a lot of excitement and fatigue that comes with the day. Considering that every non-profit organization looks forward to a successful day, the preparation can be hectic. However, incorporating a few creative ideas can help you wade away the pain that comes with planning for the day.


Here are a few ideas.


  1. Social media.

Aim to reach out to a massive number of people on social media through your friends. You can share your organization’s objectives with your friends and ask them to donate a specific amount of money. Chances are they will show you total support. Do not stop there; ask them to share the same on their pages so that the information can reach out as many people as possible. This idea is bound to bear worldwide following. You can never underestimate the power of social media.


  1. Strive to carry out the day frequently

That the fundraising happens once a year does not mean that you can not break the rules. You can actually carry out more successful and consistent monthly giving days. The key to this is laying down clear goals and being transparent to your donors.


  1. Organize activities to pull crowds

A good thing about the day of giving is that it happens towards the end of the year. During this time, many people tend to be on holiday and school is out. Do not leave any stone unturned. Organize exciting challenges and involve everyone you can get in touch with. Your elders and peers alike. Better still ensure you bring media houses and celebrities on board. You do not know how much popularity you would gain from getting highlighted by the media.


  1. Do not let fundraising chances go. Grab them

The options are endless you can ask your colleagues in the office to skip their lunch and donate the money they would use to giving day. You can even encourage them to walk to work so that the money they would have spent on fuel can be donated to charity. Better still, you can challenge them to the unselfie movement that sees people post photos explaining how they plan to give back. It may seem like a little would come of it but remember that a little goes a long way.

The bottom line is to remain constant and set your eyes on the goal. You can achieve massive success by incorporating the above ideas as well as creating others. The Day of Giving can be carried any month. You do not have to wait until the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. When you have decided on an idea, give it your full commitment. It is by so doing that your team will be able to follow in your steps towards a successful day.