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Dining Out Card

What is the perfect fundraiser?

The perfect fundraiser is when a donor gets back 10x more than they donated!

Imagine this! A church has 2000 members and the Pastor wants to do a fundraiser to help the homeless.

Pastor Dominic asks his congregation if they would be willing to donate $50 in exchange for $500 in dining discounts that can be used at thousands of eateries across the United States.

Everyone agrees that for a simple tax deductible gift of only $50 that it is well worth it to get 10x back in dining discounts and of course it’s for a great cause.

The next thing Pastor Dominic does is ask for everyone to fill out a donation form and donate $50 within the next 2 weeks.

Once all the funds are in, all $100,000 along with names, address and email addresses of the donors; Pastor Dominic pays for the $500 dining discounts out of the $100,000 that the Church collected. All it costs the Church is $749 and the Church profits $99,251

Here is the easy part. The Church designates a member of the Church to log into our Dining Discount system. They enter the first and last name of the recipient along with the email address and clicks send. The recipient receives an email with their $500 dining discount on a professional looking gift card with their name on it along with the Churches logo.

Once the recipient receives the email gift card they click on it to register and the $500 goes right into their online wallet. From here they can view thousands of restaurants that will honor their Dining Out Credits. They simply choose a restaurant, exchange their dining discounts for a coupon that they can either print out and take to the restaurant or simply pull up the coupon on their mobile device to redeem.

$500 goes a long way and some people could take a whole year to use it all up. Dining credits can be gifted to other people, you can even buy food for the homeless with your dining credits.

To learn more about Dining Out Discounts and credits please send us a message through this website.

Happy Fundraising.