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Day of Giving

The Day of Giving video is a project that was created by Women in Entertainment. Open Arms Trust believed in them so much that they helped them create their project of providing to the needy. Female artists from Namibia are featured in the video.

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Make use of local days of giving to boost donations for your company

Days of giving are very important. They help nonprofit making organizations get funds. Days of giving have worked very well during the previous years. Single organizations cannot drive the events. The whole community has to get involved in order to make a day of giving a success. If your organization is not actively involved, then don’t worry you will learn ...

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Purdue Day of Giving broke its own record by raising $18.3 million in a day

Purdue’s third annual giving day raised a record amount of $18.3 million. This amount was collected in a limited span of only 24 hours with the help of the generous donations of 12872 donors. This is so far the biggest amount that has been collected at a fundraiser to serve higher education. Collective amounts of $13.7 million and $7.5 million ...

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