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Importance of Day of Giving – fundraising

Some people are less fortunate than others. Some people are born rich, others are born poor. Some people are born rich but die poor and others are born poor but die rich. Some just die the way they were born. Life has too many challenges and you cannot be sure how tomorrow will be. For this reason, there are so many NGOs all over the world that strive to help the less fortunate. It is a good thing to give those who don’t have. It is universally right and you can really get blessed.

Reasons why you should give on a day of giving or fundraising

  • The money you contribute is used to treat sick people across the world who cannot afford to pay the hospital bill
  • The money you contribute on a day of giving/fundraising is used to feed the starving people in different parts of the world
  • Some of the money you contribute is used to carry out research on certain dangerous diseases around the world
  • The money you contribute on a day of giving is used to build infrastructure that benefit you either directly and indirectly

There are different ways NGOs can carry out a fundraising. Nowadays, with the increased use of the internet, it is very convenient to carry out fundraising on the internet. This will enable different people from different regions be able to contribute money conveniently. Days of giving/fundraising are either set with organizations, countries and even unions to carry out an important task

Days of giving can be cause based, location based, event based or based on education purposes. The Mississippi day of giving is an example of a state wide day of giving. Days of giving have been used to improve education and allow the poor have quality education. There are talented and bright people around the world who fail to achieve their dreams because of lack of education due to poverty.

Some people believe that if you are not giving then you are not living. Giving is a trait that is very important and most religions, cultural beliefs and government value giving. Giving doesn’t mean that you have to be extremely rich in order to give. Giving is just simply sharing what you have with people who need it most. Maybe you have old clothes in your house and you don’t have any use for them. Instead of throwing them away, why give to someone who needs them?

There are a lot of sites online that have days of giving. Perhaps you are willing to give but you do not know where. There are different online methods you can use to give from any location and any country. Carrying out a successful day of giving may involve making the crucial stakeholders aware of the day. It is important to connect yourself with a larger community so that many people can participate and give what they have.