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All your Questions about the Day of Giving Answered

Giving Tuesday refers to the Tuesday right after Thanksgiving Day in the US. It is a fundraising campaign that seeks to get interested parties to donate towards a worthy cause. It started in the year 2012 with the sole aim of eventually gaining international recognition. During this day, non-profit organizations come together to carry out a fundraising event which normally ...

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5 Pointers to Help you run a Rewarding Day of Giving

The day of giving is a one-day fundraising drive held by non-profit organizations. The main reason why they run the day is so that they can popularize their work hence getting more donors and more importantly raise money for the continuation of their volunteer work. While it is during this internationally recognized day that all non-profit organizations carry out immense ...

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Importance of Day of Giving – fundraising

Some people are less fortunate than others. Some people are born rich, others are born poor. Some people are born rich but die poor and others are born poor but die rich. Some just die the way they were born. Life has too many challenges and you cannot be sure how tomorrow will be. For this reason, there are so ...

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4 Ideas to Motivate you in Preparation for the Day of Giving

In a few days, the Day of Giving will be upon us. While a number of people are still skeptical about the day, it has received massive acclamation. This is expected to see a rise in donors as the day commemorates its 5th anniversary. There is a lot of excitement and fatigue that comes with the day. Considering that every ...

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Make use of local days of giving to boost donations for your company

Days of giving are very important. They help nonprofit making organizations get funds. Days of giving have worked very well during the previous years. Single organizations cannot drive the events. The whole community has to get involved in order to make a day of giving a success. If your organization is not actively involved, then don’t worry you will learn ...

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