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Make use of local days of giving to boost donations for your company

Days of giving are very important. They help nonprofit making organizations get funds. Days of giving have worked very well during the previous years. Single organizations cannot drive the events. The whole community has to get involved in order to make a day of giving a success. If your organization is not actively involved, then don’t worry you will learn some tips to help you out

Reasons why you should take advantage of day of giving

Taking advantage of days of giving is not illegal, neither is it un-honorable thing to do. Below are the reasons why you should make use of days of giving

  • Understand that it is a day of giving; not only for a few chosen organizations but for the whole community
  • Supporters give freely depending on the goals of organizations
  • Everyone is aware of the day and the response will be high
  • You will spend less on creating awareness

Attend the orientation

Before every local day of giving, there is always an orientation. Make sure you attend it for you to be able to learn some important tips. You will learn some important features like how to boost your donations. After that, set up your donation page explaining clearly what your organization is doing. Include photos and videos in explaining the amazing work your company is doing. Make your page inspirational and informative

Stand out

During a local day of giving, there are many nonprofit organizations that participate. This means that it is very easy for your organization to get lost in the crowd. You must stand out. Make sure you appeal and give some plenty of incentives for your supporters and encourage them to jump into action. Give your loyal base some instructions on how to share on their social media. This will widen your reach.

Getting people to donate is more difficult compared to product marketing. In product marketing, you convince people to buy your product of which they will benefit directly but in donation, you are convincing people that your idea is worth supporting. Here, the donors can benefit directly or indirectly and most of them doubt whether they will even benefit in any way. You have to make sure that you stand out in order to get positive response.

Shorten the donation procedure

Sometimes you may have done everything right. Your messages may have attracted people to your page but if the donation procedure is difficult, people won’t be able to donate. For instance, if your know most of your potential supporters don’t use PayPal, then you should not use PayPal as a channel for payment. Use a channel that is most convenient to your potential supporters and the channel that does not waste a lot of time. This will minimize instances of potential supporters changing their mind for donating even after they have been attracted to your page and have been convinced with your ideas.